Friday, August 9, 2013

Support BGC Buffalo's Food & Nutrition Program!!

If you've clicked on this page, I'm hopeful that you're ready to support the Boys and Girls Clubs of Buffalo's Food and Nutrition Program!

I would like to remind you that no money ever comes to me. It all goes directly to the BGC of Buffalo. And, with your designation of the Food & Nutrition Program as recipient, the money is only used for that program. It won't buy a basketball or arts & crafts supplies.

So, if you are ready to make your donation, you have a few options.
You can-
  • Mail a Check payable to The Boys And Girls Clubs of Buffalo to 282 Babcock Street, Buffalo NY 14210. Please remember to write "Food & Nutrition Program Donation" on the memo line so the funds are properly designated. We are requesting donations of $50 (or more!!) but you should give what is appropriate for your personal financial situation.
  • You can Donate Online by going to the BGC of Buffalo's secure website. CLICK HERE to get to that page. We suggest that you enter 10 "Lunch for a Child" meals for a $50 option but as we mentioned above, if your situations allows for a greater donation, we'll appreciate your generosity. If your situation requires a lower donation amount, we thank you for any gift that you can give. While not necessary, if it makes you feel more confident, you can write "Food and Nutrition Program Donation" in the Special Instructions box of the donation form.
  • You Can Take a Fist Full of Cash Right to the BGC Itself! And, I'm only half kidding with that comment. If you live, work in, or visit WNY please do feel free to go and see the club. Confirm that everything I told you is indeed the case. You can arrange club tours through our friend Tim Brennan and he can be reached at 716.825.1016 or at the Babcock St administration office.
  • United Way - If you (or your company) are a supporter of the United Way, you can designate your funds to go to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Buffalo. Contact your company's United Way donation coordinator or contact Jeff (716.984.7321) for assistance. 
Remember that the Boys and Girls Club of Buffalo is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization so your donation could be a tax deduction. Contact your accountant or tax advisor for details.

THANK YOU!!! Very, Very Much, to those of you who help to celebrate my birthday by supporting the Boys and Girls Clubs of Buffalo Food & Nutrition Program. I hope by now you understand what a significant difference you're going to make for the member families in this program.

In conclusion, please let me say, if you're still not 100% sure about getting involved, give us another chance to convince you. You can contact Jeff at 716.984.7321 or by email if you have any hesitations. I'll be sure that you get facts that make you comfortable enough to support the BGC-FNP.

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