Friday, July 26, 2013

A little more about BGCs - Part II

It seemed to me that I might be better served to break the club facts into sections so thanks for continuing with me....

You probably expect me to FINALLY get to the sports programs for Buffalo BGCs.

Sorry to disappoint, still more non-sports programing to tell you about.

Our next program grouping involves the arts. The programs include Young Audiences, Fine Arts Exhibit, National Photography Contest and Griffis Sculpture Park. Teaching the arts enable youth to develop their creativity and cultural awareness through knowledge and appreciation of visual and tactile arts and crafts, performing arts, and creative writing.

Many know that I make my living selling and servicing laser engraving and cutting equipment. I'm often surprised by the reactions I get from laser prospects who find out that they need to know how to create "artwork" before they can operate our equipment. We work with computer programs like CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, AutoCAD, Solidworks and others. Every Single Time, people who have even modest background with anything artistic make better students for me and often prove to be more capable with our laser engravers and cutters. If you think that an "old fashioned arts-n-crafts room" has no practical use in the real world, I'm here to tell you that you're flat out wrong.

For my next example of club programming, I'm going to combine 2 groups. The BGC of Buffalo offers both Prevention and Suspension programs.

Of course, it's always best to try and be proactive and teach someone how to avoid trouble and that's what the Prevention programs do. Prevention Specialists assist the Clubhouse staff with dealing with behavioral issues within the Clubhouse, complete prevention and health & life skills programming, help youth with anger management skills, and work with families to find support services.

These programs might sound like they deal only with behavioral issues. While those are certainly important, other factors influence the attitudes of children. With this in mind, the Buffalo BGCs have projects that also help kids feel "normal". Those projects include 2 Pack a Backpack to help give kids who need them a great package of school supplies at the start of the year. Operation Santa helps to give families a nice Christmas by providing clothing, shoes, jackets, toys and more. There is a Sight for Students program that helps get needy children vision screening and eyeglasses.

Importantly, the Prevention Programs also involve parents. Twice a month the clubs offer Parent Social Nights to give parents an opportunity to meet each other as well as club staff so that they can talk about concerns or issues of the day. With parental involvement so important, these nights have the chance to change families in so many wonderful ways.

But too, sometimes trouble finds us regardless of our best intention so that's where the Out of School Suspension Program comes in to play. The program was designed to offer out of school activities to students who have been suspended from school. This program will address the individual strains the student is experiencing, the power of social forces that influence a student to negative behavior, and the need to provide effective services for success in their school setting and outside in their community.  The overall goal of the program will be prepare the youth for their return to the classroom. In certain situations, home instruction is also available.

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